Safety Cold
Bronzing System

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The INDUBRYN KB Safety Cold Bronzing System

INDUBRYN KB produces a black coating on any kind of non-stainless steel easily and safely at room temperature.

Followed by a water displacing agent, the cold bronzing process offers an integrated, stainless coating without dimensional changes.

Hot bronzing

Energy costs

none (or only low with
hot preparation)
very high
Safety Application at room temperature,
not corrosive, not flammable,
easy to thin with water,
selenium concentration 0,9%
= low toxicity danger class
Application only at
high temperatures,
difficult to mix with water,
highly corrosive!
considerable amount of steam
Handling no warm-up time,
ready for operation immediately
Heating time: 2-6 hours,
difficult to rinse,
hot rinsing necessary in most cases
Operating equipment Polypropylene or polyethylene chambers, no heating,
filtration necessary in large chambers,
very low operating costs
Extraction and heating necessary
Controlling the solution Simple colour-change control, titration Can only be estimated at
boiling temperature
What can be bronzed? All kinds of non-stainless
steel (including cast iron)
A brown coating forms with
certain types of cast iron,
desiccating the bronzing salts
on the surface is also
difficult to avoid
Dimensional changes none none
Production facility No special workshop required,
chambers can easily be moved
Special workshop required,
fixed facility
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