MQL Minimum Quantity
Cooling and Lubricating Mediums

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Once a pioneer, now a market leader.

An unbeatable combination.

Because minimum quantity lubrication requires an intelligent dosage system just as much as it does pressure-absorbing high performance oils, we have been working on both areas for more than 20 years now. The result is the perfect combination: INDUTEC® MS systems and INDUOIL® HL High Performance Oils.

We have always set ourselves challenging goals:

  • minimal consumption: how do we achieve the maximum result with the minimum of material input?
  • wide scope of application: how can the widest range of materials be machined using minimum quantity lubrication?
  • reducing costs: how can costs for supply, preparation and disposal be reduced?
  • protection of the environment: can minimum quantity lubrication using biodegradable raw materials become a reality?

Right from the start.

With INDUOIL® HL 42, we developed a product which fulfilled these requirements over 15 years ago. Today, with various different high performance oils, we offer mediums which can be implemented with practically any application in the metal working sector and in many other industries.

That's why our customers originate from a wide range of sectors:

  • Metal working
  • Machinery construction
  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Wood processing
  • Plastic production
  • Assembly
  • Tooling
  • Glass processing
  • Tobacco industry
  • Medicine technology
  • Tyre manufacturing
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