Increasing productivity through minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

The chippings remain dry and do not have to be cleaned or separately disposed of. The work pieces also remain clean and no cleaning procedures are necessary. The surface quality is increased at the same time.

The significant reduction in the friction leads to lower heat generation on the tool. As a result, tool life is increased by up to threefold and the feed rate can be expanded considerably without losing the tool prematurely or having to accept a reduction in the quality of the surface.

Cutting costs with minimum quantity lubrication

Furthermore, using an automated filling system guarantees interruption-free operation.


  • Increase in process safety
  • Increase in tool life through better cooling
  • Lower friction during machining allows increased feed rates
  • Good and even surface quality
  • Flexible availability due to the modular system
  • Clean and safe working environment

Areas of application

drilling   turning   milling   bevelling   stamping   spraying shapes   wetting conveyor belts and coils

recasting   engraving   pipe-bending   wetting rollers   printing   nibbling   flow form

fine blanking   threading   contouring   broaching   high-speed processing   chain lubrication

channelling   deep drawing   embossing   compression moulding   countersinking   rust protection   grinding   smoothing   preserving

cutting   sawing   stamp wetting   shaping   deep hole drilling

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