An MQL modular system for maximum flexibility

The INDUTEC MS Minimum Quantity Cooling and Lubricating system (MQL) has a modular structure. Starting with standard units for application at a single spraying point, even complex production systems can be equipped with INDUTEC MS.

A pressure vessel in which the medium is stored is always the central part of the system. Pressure vessels are available in different sizes and with or without an integrated valve unit.

Depending on the design, between one and five coaxial spraying heads can be attached to a separate valve unit. The spraying times of these coaxial spraying heads are controlled by solenoid valves. Triggering the system using electrical pulses provides an immediate, reproducible spraying effect.

Reliable moistening of temporarily displaced machining operations is possible for each spraying point.

To supply complex production lines with different spraying points, a whole range of valve units can be connected to one pressure vessel in series and each separate spraying point can be equipped with one or more coaxial spraying heads.


  • Flexible availability due to the modular system
  • INDUTEC MS grows together with your production system and can be added to or modified at any time

Areas of application

drilling   turning   milling   bevelling   stamping   spraying shapes   wetting conveyor belts and coils

recasting   engraving   pipe-bending   wetting rollers   printing   nibbling   flow form

fine blanking   threading   contouring   broaching   high-speed processing   chain lubrication

channelling   deep drawing   embossing   compression moulding   countersinking   rust protection   grinding   smoothing   preserving

cutting   sawing   stamp wetting   shaping   deep hole drilling

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