MQL Minimum-Quantity
Cooling and Lubricating System

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INDUTEC MS Standard Systems for minimum quantity lubrication

INDUTEC MS Standard System

The illustration shows an
Standard System with a 10 litre
pressure vessel and 1 pre-assembled
coaxial spraying head/spraying time.

The INDUTEC® MS Standard System: ready for operation immediately

The simplest way of equipping a spraying point with INDUTEC® MS technology is the INDUTEC® MS Standard System.

All INDUTEC® MS Standard Systems operate in accordance with the pressure vessel principle and are triggered electro-pneumatically. They already contain all of the required components so that they can be commissioned without the need for elaborate assembly work.

The INDUTEC® MS Standard Systems are available in various different designs:

  • for the connection of 1 to 4 coaxial spraying heads
  • with one or two separate spraying times
  • with 1-, 2-, 6- or 10-litre capacity
  • with a 24V, 110V or 230V power supply

This is how you determine the best system for you:

  • Firstly specify the number of coaxial spraying heads that are required.
  • Identify a reasonable size for the pressure vessel.
  • Then choose a system which is designed for your type of power supply.

From these three steps, you will have your order number for your INDUTEC® MS Standard System:

Example Standard System order number

Order number examples:

1 coaxial spraying head, 2-litre pressure vessel, 1 spraying time,
24V power supply

INDUTEC MS 4-D6 2Z SD4 230 V
4 coaxial spraying heads, 6-litre pressure vessel, 2 spraying times,
230V power supply

Spraying times

With systems with synchronised spraying times, all connected coaxial spraying heads spray at the same time. With systems with two separate spraying times, two groups of coaxial spraying heads can be triggered separately from one another.

Two solenoid valves for extra precision triggering

By implementing a second solenoid valve, spraying air and control air can be triggered separately from one another. This option is available as a custom model.

Custom models

INDUTEC® MS Standard Systems with special power supplies, custom sizes and versions with longer feed lines or pneumatic control can be obtained on request.

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