INDUTEC MS Coaxial Spraying Heads for minimum quantity lubrication

INDUTEC® MS SD stands for a spraying head concept which can fulfil the widest range of requirements. The system is based on a coaxial spraying head which generates a round jet with a 5° spraying angle. Using special accessories, a range of different spray patterns and spraying angles can be generated for practically any type of application.

Due to its extremely small size, the coaxial spraying heads only require a small space to be installed into. They can be extended with a flexible attachment for spraying areas which are difficult to access.

This is how an INDUTEC® MS Coaxial Spraying Head works

A coaxial spraying head of this kind operates using compressed air. The spraying head is closed by a needle pressed against the spraying opening by a spring. The needle is pushed back by controlling compressed air, thereby releasing the spray opening. The medium is fed to the coaxial spraying head from a separate pressure vessel. The compressed spraying air is fed from a third pressure hose. The spraying air shapes the medium emitted by the coaxial spraying head and concentrates it into a precise, directionally-stable and haze-free jet.

Practically anything can be sprayed

Due to the stageless adjustable pressure, any medium can be sprayed – from water-based cooling lubricants to extremely viscid cutting and drawing oils. The spraying head can be modified with alternative sealing materials for the use of more aggressive mediums.

Minimum quantities can also be precisely controlled

Depending on the application, the respective coaxial spraying head must be adjusted to the special requirements through targeted modifications. The following overview gives you an insight into to what extent the different parts can be reasonably combined with possible areas of application.
Conversion with the SID special in-head cartridges allows the material flow rate to be changed. By using different attachments, the spray pattern and the spraying angle can be altered.

The theoretical spraying angles are approximate values. The decisive factor is always the interaction between the medium and the compressed spraying air. These two elements must always be in a optimal relationship with one another. Therefore, on-site trials are necessary in all cases in order to find the exact values.

The next generation of coaxial spraying heads: The INDUTEC® MS SD3

INDUTEC SD3 Spraying Head

  • The integrated M16 thread on the housing means that the coaxial spraying head can be screwed
    directly onto a corresponding device without the need for any additional brackets
  • Throttle valves on the main body of the INDUTEC® MS SD3 itself allow the spraying air and the medium to be controlled directly at the spraying head. The medium quantity can even be repeatedly fine-tuned using a screw-in union.
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