Accessories for the INDUTEC MS Minimum Quantity Cooling and Lubricating system

One solution for everything

There are many assembly, mounting and extension possibilities available for the INDUTEC® MS MQL system. Here, you can choose between different connection variations, mounting devices, extensions, etc. in accordance with the type of installation selected.

Spraying head connection kits

Spraying head connection kits are needed to connect the coaxial spraying heads with the valve units. There are various variations available with adjustment possibilities for medium and spraying air.


Hoses are available in various diameters and designs with suitable accessories for assembly and extension for larger distances or special applications.


The range of extensions contains rigid and flexible variations so that difficult to access spraying points can be reached or to make carrying out adjustments easier.


In the 'Brackets' section, there are a whole range of possibilities for fixing the coaxial spraying heads to the machinery or for places which are hard to access.

Fitted cabinets

Fitted cabinets for valve units serve to protect the units from dirt and from authorised or unintended adjustment of the air or medium amounts.

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