MQL Minimum-Quantity
Cooling and Lubricating System

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Process-safe drop lubrication with MQL

For the exact and precise application of a defined quantity of medium over a distance of up
to 600mm, it makes sense to implement oil-haze-free INDUTEC® MS technology.

This technology does not use spraying air at all and the medium is applied in drops to the lubrication point.

The in-head cartridge of the coaxial spraying head can be adjusted to the viscosity of the medium. The size of the drops can be determined using the control unit.


  • Viscosity: 42mm2/s 40°C
  • Distance: max. 600mm

The proportion of the medium does not just depend on the viscosity, but also on the special qualities of the product which is to be used. Therefore, we recommend practical trials so we can determine exact values.


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