MQL Minimum-Quantity
Cooling and Lubricating System

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Minimum quantity lubrication with INDUTEC MS and INDUOIL HL

Background and future

Over 20 years ago, the foundations were laid at Menzel in Kuchen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, for a system whose innovative spirit persists to this day. A milestone in metal working. The INDUTEC® MS Minimum Quantity Lubrication system.

Nowadays, minimum quantity lubrication is a must in modern metal working and in many other industries. The possibilities for cutting costs and protecting the environment make it THE cooling and lubrication technology for the 21st century.

Swabian world class

MENZEL METALLCHEMIE is, to this day, the pioneer and market leader in the development of minimum quantity lubrication technology based on biodegradable high performance oils. Furthermore, with the INDUTEC® MS systems, we offer the most widely-used and most flexible minimal quantity cooling and lubricating system in the world.

Here, our actual experience lies in – alongside constant the development of new high-performance oils and precision technology – something which is needed the most in minimum quantity lubrication: experience. The flair for the right choice of spraying heads and oils and the right dosages. Minimum quantity lubrication is invaluable, particularly when you're operating at the limits.

If you have any questions or you have a particular application that has not been described here, give us a call. Our application engineers and our service team will be glad to help. And, who knows? Maybe we have already solved your particular problem.

Peter Sachs

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