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Quality and safety

Thanks to the low maintenance and the use of high-quality precision components, more than two-thirds of all INDUTEC MS Minimum Quantity Lubrication systems are still in operation today. For us, quality means that we orientate our products and services towards the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers. Therefore, all of our products only leave the factory after having undergone comprehensive quality and function tests.

We have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since March 2002.

ISO certification

Our core responsibility is that our products do not pose any danger when used properly. Therefore we like to inform our customers and users about the composition, risks and effects of our chemicals. So as to offer you the highest possible level of safety when handling our products, the corresponding technical and safety-relevant documentation is available to you for all of our products and mediums.

MENZEL ISO 9001 certificate

  ISO 9001 certificate


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