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Experience is what makes the difference.

With a MENZEL INDUTEC® MS system, you are making a choice for state-of-the-art process-safe minimum quantity cooling and lubricating technology. You will benefit in economic terms and in terms of the environment as a result, even with the most challenging of manufacturing jobs.

In this respect, the most important factor for optimum productivity is, and always will be, experience. It is therefore worth consulting an experienced MENZEL applications engineer concerning the interplay between the medium and the system, especially if the processes involved are challenging. They will be by your side right from the start in the planning of your production system.

Guarantee high performance

An INDUTEC® system requires no maintenance. But, even if your system had an optimal set-up from the start, even the best spraying technology can suffer under constant loads in the uncompromising everyday life of industry. Not to mention the possibility of incorrect operational routines which can creep in over time.

Get your INDUTEC® system checked and optimised on a regular basis. For the purposes of this, MENZEL has put together comprehensive service packages which guarantee the optimum performance of the system:

  • Inspecting your system
  • Carrying out fine technical adjustments to your system
  • Training your employees

INDUTEC MS Service Packages

Keep your INDUTEC® MS MQL system right up to date:

  • Inspection of the functions of the device and the spraying head
  • Inspection of the pressure vessel for dirt and subsequent cleaning
  • Inspection of the hoses to the spraying head and cleaning of the medium hose
    (Replacement up to 2m hose length per spraying head)
  • Inspection of the medium settings and optimisation of the settings
  • On-site instructions concerning the function and the settings

We will gladly prepare you an individual offer for this service package and others.

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