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Transferring knowledge to skills.

These days, minimum lubrication technology is a must in metal working and in many
other industries. The possibilities for cutting costs and protecting the environment make it THE cooling and lubrication technology for the 21st century.

However, in minimum quantity lubrication, operations are usually carried out at the limits. Which medium is the right one for me? How much of it do I need? How do I set my system up optimally? Here, you need expertise and years of experience.

Therefore, MENZEL offers all customers the opportunity for us to come to your site and train your operating personnel in the optimal operation of INDUTEC MS Minimum Quantity Cooling and Lubricating systems. Direct, on-site training from our experienced application engineers.

This way, you will always know how to make the best use of your minimum lubricating system – for maximum productivity with minimal costs and minimal effects on the environment.

We will gladly inform you about the possibilities of on-site training.

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