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Minimum quantity lubrication FAQ.

Minimum quantity lubrication is an innovative development. As a result, there are many rumours and preconceptions about it. Here you can find answers to frequently-asked questions. If you have further questions, give us a call. We will be glad to help.

What benefits does the INDUTEC MS system offer?

The INDUTEC MS system reduces the medium consumption of your production process to the absolute minimum. This means you are able to reduce your operational costs in the area of production.
The work pieces remains clean and dry. Cleaning processes, and therefore the costs and time required to carry them out, are not required.
Due to the low medium consumption, the possible health risk to your employees is also reduced. You will therefore reduce downtime resulting from illness and the associated staff costs.

Can the service life of the tools be increased?

When working with INDUTEC MS, a precise and directionally-stable spraying jet is guaranteed through the two-component spray. Friction is reduced as a result and this means that less heat develops on the tool. Therefore you will achieve a significant increase in the service life of your tools, sometimes up to three times the previous service life.

Is the MENZEL INDUTEC MS Minimum Quantity Cooling and Lubricating system process-safe?

Our products have gone through long-term, rigorous application optimisation processes. This guarantees high levels of process safety in non-mechanical and metal-cutting production processes.

In which areas can minimum quantity lubrication be implemented?

What started as technology to be used solely with drills or saws can now be implemented in a process-safe manner with practically all non-mechanical and metal-cutting processes, and even with deep hole drilling or high-speed machining in transfer lines. Areas of application include:

  • drilling, turning, milling, bevelling, stamping, spraying shapes, wetting conveyor belts and coils, recasting, engraving, pipe-bending, wetting rollers, printing, nibbling, flow forming, fine blanking, threading, contouring, broaching, high-speed processing, chain lubrication, channelling, deep drawing, embossing, compression moulding, countersinking, rust protection, grinding, smoothing, preserving, cutting, sawing, stamp wetting, shaping, deep hole drilling

How is the INDUTEC MS system constructed?

The INDUTEC MS system has a completely modular structure. This allows detailed adjustments to your operational requirements and production environment – regardless of the complexity of these requirements.

Why are there different spraying head attachments?

The different spraying head attachments allow you to generate different spray patterns and spraying angles for practically any application. This way, you obtain the highest level of flexibility by being able to adjust the spraying heads to your production requirements.

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