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About us.

When we developed the first high performance oil at Menzel in 1989, no-one thought that this
development would set a benchmark in metal working. Today, minimum quantity lubrication is a
recognised and widely-used method of providing lubrication where it is needed in metal working. And thanks to INDUTEC® MS systems, lubrication is also more process-safe and does not have the cost-intensive side effects of conventional lubrication.

Swabian inventive spirit right from the start.

What started being used simply with drills or saws can now be implemented with practically all non-cutting and metal-cutting processes, and even with deep hole drilling or high-speed machining in transfer lines. Despite this, we set ourselves new objectives on a daily basis in order to make use of the advantages of minimum quantity lubrication in other areas of application.

How good is the best?

A question we set ourselves every day. MENZEL METALLCHEMIE is, to this day, the pioneer and market leader in the development of minimum quantity lubrication technology based on biodegradable high performance oils. Our years of experience and the consistent optimisation of the INDUTEC® MS systems make our employees what they are: competent partners for the application of MQL for over 5,500 companies all over the world.

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