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Over 5,500 companies all over the world count
on oils and technology from Menzel Metallchemie.

The advantages of our products and technology provide you with that advantage over the competition, which no-one likes to pass on voluntarily.

The products of Menzel Metallchemie are used worldwide

"We were able to significantly cut our production costs. In reality, this means that the procurement, storage and disposal of cooling mediums is no longer an issue for us."
Frank M., controller at an automotive components supplier in Essen, Germany

"I always thought that minimum quantity lubrication technology didn't work at all. Now we have 37 Menzel systems in operation. The technology completely won us over."
Carlos I., production manager at an engine manufacturer in Madrid, Spain

"The productivity of our transfer lines has increased by 17%. And our costs have been reduced at the same time."
Günther H., CEO of an aluminium casing manufacturer in Neckarsulm, Germany

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