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Good for the environment.
Maximum cleanliness at minimum consumption

Thanks to their specially developed surface activation INDUCLEAN® high-performance cleaners convince with their optimum cleaning results.

Our water-based high-performance cleaners meet the requirements regarding ecology and occupational safety and are suitable for use in continuous washing machines (spray, immersion or ultrasonic processes) with a volume of 5 m3 or more.

Cleaners in drums and IBC containers


Technical cleaners for intermediate or end cleaning

The best-suitable INDUCLEAN® high-performance cleaner from our range or products is selected according to the application, the material and ambient parameters. Our competent is always there to support you. Contact us!

Icon Neutral cleaners

Neutral cleaners

Icon Alkaline cleaners

Alkaline cleaners

Icon Special cleaners

Acid cleaners

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Our team of experts is happy to assist you by phone or email. Further information to our products, safety data sheets etc. can also be found in the download area.

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More than 30 years of development
The result is something to be proud of


Icon checkMinimum consumption
of lubricants for maximum result

Icon checkWide range of applications
for almost any application in metal, plastic or wood processing and many other industries

Icon checkCost reduction
and minimum consumption also thanks to savings in provision, reprocessing and disposal

Icon checkEnvironmental protection
thanks to the use of biodegradable resources

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