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Fully automatic spray system for
release agent application for laser cutting

From now on, caking of metal splashes during laser cutting can be avoided. Use the fully automatic system for spraying of the plate in combination with a suitable release agent (e. g. INDUOIL® MF 70) developed by Menzel Metallchemie. We are happy to advise you!

Fully automatic spray system for spraying sheet metal as well as the appropriate release agent for laser cutting

The solution for reduced metal splashes during laser cutting!

The cooling effect of the release agent increases the process reliability and quality during laser cutting
Reduced burrs, scrap and reworking.

Service life of support strips increase by up to 35%
– Reduced costs for new production
– Reduced system downtimes

Wetting of the plate can be individually applied
e. g. only on top, only on bottom or on both sides.

Our fully automatic spray systems for application of release agents for laser cutting enable considerable reduction in costs


+ Automatic recognition of band width by means of sensor technology

+ Excellent cutting quality

+ No splashes and no subsequent grinding necessary

+ Fully automatic operation

+ Use the advantage of your loading system

+ Release agent can be supplied via pressure vessels or directly from the drum

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